Automatic Irrigation
Irrigation controlled by computerised controller

Automatic Watering
Watering system controlled by computerised controller


Borehole Drilling
A deep hole drilled into the ground to extract natural water resources


Commercial Irrigation
Systems installed at commercial premises

Top of the range irrigation controllers used to activate irrigation systems


Domestic Irrigation
Irrigation systems installed at residential premises

Drip Irrigation
An intelligent irrigation system which works to water a garden or landscape in an eco-friendly manner. EcoDrip™ is an example of drip irrigation


Advanced anti-syphon, self cleaning drip irrigation products. Specially designed to use water more efficiently to help protect finite water resources and the environment.


Garden Irrigation
Watering system catering for the whole garden. Sometimes using a combination of irrigation and watering methods such as drip irrigation and sprinkler systems

Garden Water Pipes
Various types and sizes used as part of the system

Grey Water / Grey Water Recycling
Recycled water which comes from used water in the home (such as bath water). Horticultural experts state that recycled grey water is actually not good for gardens and soil as the chemicals which are inherently present in used grey water have a negative effect on the nutrients in soil. Rain Water Recycling is a far more garden friendly water source. So-called professionals offering grey water recycling along with garden irrigation could actually be destroying your garden and its soil quality in the long term


Hanging Baskets Irrigation
Individual drippers designed for hanging baskets. They typically irrigate hard to reach hanging baskets using an intelligent controller system

HDPE Pipes
High density polyethylene pipes used underground to connect pop up sprinklers


Irrigation Computer
An intelligent and programmable computer that controls and operates the entire irrigation system to ensure that the correct amount of water is being used to water a particular area

Irrigation Products
Professional irrigation products that range from drip irrigation to pop-up sprinklers and micro sprinklers to the automatic controllers

Irrigation Services
Installation, design and consultancy services. Before choosing an irrigation and watering professional you should read the following FAQ on how to choose the right irrigation installer

Irrigation System
An irrigation system is an intelligent watering system designed to cater for the needs of any garden or outdoor landscape. It will typicaly combine several methods of watering to ensure that the system is as efficient as possible

Irrigation Zones
An irrigation installer will divide a garden or area into zones according to application and water distribution


Landscape Irrigation
Irrigation systems designed to match a bespoke landscape design to ensure that a landscape or garden designers vision is not compromised, whilst ensuring that the area is watered effectively

Landscape Design
Landscape design is the practice of designing a garden (normally by a landscape architect or garden designer) so that it encompasses an artistic design as well as superior structural engineering

Lawn Irrigation
The most popular forms of garden lawn irrigation are gear driven pop-up sprinklers and sub-surface EcoDrip™ drip irrigation products

Life Irrigation
Life Irrigation are expert installers of irrigation systems in London and the South East. Formally known as Top Irrigation, Life Irrigation have been at the top of the irrigation industry for over 15 years

LDPE Pipes
Low density polyethylene pipes normally used for flower beds


Mains Water Source
Irrigation systems that are fed from mains water pipes

Manifold Box
This is a protective box located underground to house the manifold set

Manifold Set
A manifold set comprises of solenoid valves linked to an irrigation computer as part of an automatic irrigation system

MDPE Pipes
Medium density polyethylene pipes normally used underground to connect pop up sprinklers

Micro Irrigation
Irrigation system consisting of micro sprinklers and misters (or mist-spray micro sprinklers)

Micro Sprinklers Sytems
Micro Sprinklers (as the name suggests) are smaller than traditional pop-up sprinklers and are designed to be suitable for watering flower beds, without damaging plants

Misters are basically micro sprinklers fitted with mist heads so that the sprinkler sprays a mist of water. These are also ideal for flower beds


Night-time Watering
Automatic irrigation systems designed and programmed to automatically operate over-night


Pop-Up Sprinklers
Gear driven pop up sprinklers that are ideal for lawn irrigation


Rain Sensor
An automated and intelligent device installed to over-ride the irrigation cycle in wet weather conditions. This ensures that over-watering does not occur

Rainwater Harvester
A specially designed device (such as a rainwater barrel or an EcoVat™) for collecting, filtering and storing rainwater. This water can then be used as an alternative and more environmentally friendly source of water for an irrigation system

Rainwater Recycling
Rainwater (typically collected via a rainwater harvesting system) that is then ‘recycled’ and used as an alternative water source in garden watering and irrigation systems. Life Irrigation thoroughly recommend this solution to our customers, particularly over grey water recycling. This is because grey water can have negative effects on soil quality


Service Contract (Irrigation Professionals)
Bi-annual service to protect and maintain irrigation system

Solenoid Valve
Valve controlling each of the zones as part of the irrigation system

Sprinklers are watering systems which operate by spraying water over a certain area of a garden. There are various different types of sprinklers for flower beds and lawns and other garden areas.


Tap Timer
Single zone irrigation controller

Top Irrigation
Previous trading name of Life Irrigation. Established in 1990.


UKIA stands for the UK Irrigation Association. Life Irrigation are leading members of this organisation

UK Irrigation Group
Life Irrigation are members of the UK Irrigation Group, that works to ensure its members offer a superior quality of product and service


Water Industry Approved Installer
Life Irrigation are a water industry approved installer. This is basically a scheme set up by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) to ensure a level of professionalism and quality of service amongst its members. Customers of water industry approved installers are safe in the knowledge that they will get professional job

Water Pump
Water Pumps are used in some irrigation systems to generate water pressure

Water Tank
Water tanks are used in some irrigation systems as a reservoir linked to a pump.